Last week, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)’s Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress concluded in Geneva, Switzerland after nearly two weeks of spirited discussion around pressing changes and trends in weather intelligence technologies and innovation. Given weather’s vital role in the aviation ecosystem, Connected Aviation Today decided to capture some of the key takeaways and insights shared at the show from experts all around the world.

Thought leaders at the Congress this year spoke to 5G’s potential effects on crucial radio frequencies weather agencies depend on. This communication ability is something the aviation community is all too sensitive to and understands the importance of frequency diversity and interoperability.

A prominent topic at the Congress this year was centered around thinking globally and collaboratively about research efforts and how new discoveries can spark innovation around the world. WMO drove the conversation around partnerships, especially those between public and private organizations.

Similar to the world of aviation, there is a large push for more gender equity from the WMO. This was a central discussion at the Congress this year. WMO even had a whole day centered around the topic at the event.

The value of raw data on weather intelligence was also a topic of interest at the Congress. The ability to accurately and rapidly capture and measure weather data was an important point of discussion among experts at the event. Leveraging weather data allows aviation leaders to accurately predict and react accordingly to the wide variety of weather scenarios that can be thrown their way.

We look forward to hearing from more weather experts at next year’s World Meteorological Congress and seeing how innovations in this space are not only affecting aviation, but the world.

Chelsea Barone

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