Passenger growth is a challenge facing many aviation industry leaders right now. According to IATA’s 2018 forecast, it’s expected that there will be approximately 4.3 billion airline passengers this year, a six percent rise from last year, which will significantly impact border management. Asia is a region especially affected by that growth and aviation experts are working diligently to manage the significant increase in travelers while also focusing on national security. This effort is particularly pressing with two upcoming Games taking place in the region (Tokyo in 2020 and Beijing in 2022).

More travelers mean added logistical challenges and increased border safety concerns. In a recent case study, Vietnam’s airport ecosystem was markedly improved by implementing Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Border Management Solution (ABMS) Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS). The solution enables government and airport authorities to review passenger information before an aircraft lands at its destination, allowing for more secure borders as well as optimized passenger flow.

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ABMS was particularly useful to Vietnamese airports, as air traffic passengers surged to 52 million in 2016, a 29 percent increase, according to the case study. With growth of travel in the region showing no signs of slowing, the Vietnamese government and aviation authorities took action to ensure passengers’ safety and speed of processing. The ability to mitigate logistical challenges in these airports also helps grow tourism, an important contributor to Vietnam’s economy, and the aviation industry as a whole in the region.

As reported in the case study, “Vietnam’s international airports have seen a 90 percent improvement in passenger processing times and a 95 percent improvement in data quality compared with the previous manually handled data.” Such notable improvements, thanks to ABMS, help pave the way for further growth and establish a sustainable infrastructure in a booming travel region.

You can download the full case study in the Connected Aviation Today resource center here.

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