Fostering relationships and in-person interactions between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry leaders, academia, and international players is a critical function of ATCA. This year’s ATCA Annual brought this point into sharp focus.

Moving the conference a mere mile from the FAA headquarters made the event more convenient than ever. “This move was a long time coming,” according to Peter F. Dumont, president and CEO of ATCA. “It was based on feedback from members, which has also informed our programming.”

In fact, Abigail Glenn-Chase, ATCA’s director of programming and communications told us that fostering community and education were top of the committee’s goals for this year. “Events like this are so important to our industry,” she told us. “At ATCA we firmly believe that you can’t see eye-to-eye unless you meet face-to-face. Collaboration, connection, engagement, none of these moments can happen unless you have all the key decision makers in the room having these important conversations.”

“This year, we wanted to think in different ways to bring content to our attendees,” she told us. “The conference committee wanted members and attendees to walk away armed with the information and tools that they need to make the important decisions to create a safer, more efficient National Air Space.”

With exhibits, breakout sessions, and the mainstage all in one location, it was hard for any attendee to miss out on these important discussions, conversations, and demos. The panels were organized by the programming committee and were designed to reflect ATCA member’s changing perspectives. From lessons learned from past FAA administrators, to innovation in acquisition, to government and industry partnerships, and a focus on managing new entrants into the airspace, each session was full of critical information for the industry.

And, this year, more than 30 hours of programming was added, according to Glenn-Chase. One of the most interesting new aspects of the show was the use of radio technology to allow attendees to listen to different break-out sessions, all from one room.

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