The Need to Better Leverage Data Dominates the Discussion in 2022


As 2022 has ended and we take off into 2023, we took a look back at the year that was and reflected on the trends that shaped the aviation industry. And one of the most important trends that we witnessed– from commercial airlines to charter companies to airports – was the need to better aggregate, analyze, and utilize data to make aviation more efficient, streamline operations, and improve the passenger experience.

Aircraft connectivity is the catalyst for digital insights across any airline’s operation; connectivity underpins and enables the harvesting and analyzing of aircraft data. Whether it’s connectivity to the cabin, the cockpit, or to network-enabled sensors and devices that measure the health and safety of the aircraft and its engines – the ability to receive and transmit data and information enables virtually every advancement and innovation being introduced to the industry.

This ability for connectivity to enable a new, more advanced era of air travel was reflected in many of the conversations we had with aviation industry leaders this year. And it was further validated by the articles that you – our readers – found the most interesting and engaging over the past 12 months.

In order of popularity – based on readership – here are your top Connected Aviation Today articles of 2022.

How Connected Cockpits are Helping UPS Increase Aircraft Efficiency

Kevin Swiatek, Flight Operations Manager at UPS, shared how his team is leveraging connected aircraft solutions to deliver tens of millions of packages a day across the globe and what airlines and the entire aviation industry can do to ensure safer and more efficient air travel options for passengers and cargo.

Aircraft Analytics and Predictive Maintenance – Kevin Swiatek of UPS Weighs in on the Future of Aviation

 To realize the full potential of the modern aircraft, higher throughput and more resilient connectivity is becoming a standard. Couple that with a new generation of internet of things sensors on planes and plane engines, and the aviation industry is preparing for a new generation of safer air travel to take off. Kevin Swiatek of UPS explained in the second half of our discussion about connected planes and cockpits.

Executive Spotlight: Jennifer Schopfer Leads Data-Driven, Digital Innovation for the Future of Connected Aviation

Jennifer Schopfer, President of Collins Aerospace’s new Connected Aviation Solutions, joined Connected Aviation Today to discuss the new business unit, the many challenges and opportunities ahead of the aviation industry.

Key “Mega-Trends” Driving the Future of Sustainable Aviation

As the global business community works to get greener and more environmentally friendly, there is pressure on the aviation and aerospace industries to become more sustainable. LeAnn Ridgeway, MBA, Chief Sustainability Officer at Collins Aerospace, shared her views on the macro trends impacting the future of sustainable aviation , making airports, airplanes, and airlines more eco-friendly.


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