Singapore Airshow 2022 Highlights Recovery and Sustainability in Aviation

Singapore Airshow

Often seen as a hub into the Asia Pacific region, Singapore is investing in the aviation industry’s recovery to support economic growth and meet growing travel and cargo needs. While international travel has been down since the pandemic, more locals are flying giving rise to regional low-cost carriers and smaller narrow-body aircraft. In addition to supporting regional travel, the focus on sustainability in aviation was evident at the Singapore Airshow, which recently took place at the Changi Exhibition Center.

The event, which is held every two years, welcomed nearly 13,000 attendees in-person with the exhibit halls buzzing with optimism for the future of aviation. The Connected Aviation Today editorial team rounded up the latest news from the show for our readers.

Sustainability was a key theme at the event, with many aviation leaders coming together to discuss sustainable aviation solutions and goals to reduce the industry’s overall carbon footprint.

According to Talel Kamel, Vice President of International Business Development for Customer & Account Management at Collins Aerospace, “Sustainability is one of the biggest lessons learned coming out of this pandemic.” That is why the company, “is making a conscious effort to fly leaner and lighter and build sustainability into our manufacturing processes for this market.”

During the show, Boeing’s large efficient twin-engine jet took flight at the ariel showcase. 

Pratt & Whitney announced its expansion of the company’s carbon offset program, which was launched in 2020 to help operators minimize their footprint. Now the program is available for the regional fleet management program, to support the industry’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Korea Air also displayed the A220 from Airbus, which offers lower fuel burn and a longer range for low-density routes.

Seamless travel at the airport is another way that Asia Pacific is investing in the future of air travel. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal announced that Collins Aerospace will provide passenger processing and baggage systems at several airports to ease congestion and accelerate passenger processing.

With the industry coming together to showcase the solutions that will help Singapore and Asia Pacific recover faster and build a sustainable future, Singapore Airshow came to a close with renewed optimism for what’s next.


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