VIDEO: Biometrics and the Seamless Passenger Journey

The seamless passenger journey is becoming a reality with the ongoing adoption of advanced technologies, including biometrics, the technology that enables passengers to use a  single token to authenticate their identity when traveling through an airport. The...

ACARS: A Foundational Aviation Communications Tool

This collection of articles about the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) features insights from Dan Pendergast, senior marketing director, Commercial Aviation and Network Services at Collins Aerospace . The series covers the evolution of the system over the last 40 years, misconceptions about ACARS, and ACARS’ role in the future of aviation.

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eBook: Biometrics, Solving Seamless Travel

This collection of articles about the growing presence of biometrics in the aviation industry features insights from various industry thought leaders. The series covers reflections on biometrics’ role in aviation, the application of the technology in today’s airports, and what the future looks like for this critical innovation.

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Case Study: Vietnam Border Management

Governments everywhere know that national security threats are out there, but being able to recognize who and what constitutes a threat – and to contain it before it reaches the border – is critical to securing a country’s citizens, infrastructure and economy…

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Sky High Economics Report Chapter 2

Following the first instalment, Quantifying the Commercial Opportunities of Passenger Connectivity for the Global Airline Industry, which focused on revenue potential, this report shines new light on the cost benefits of inflight connectivity…

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The Correctly Connected Aircraft by Inmarsat

The future of connected aviation is changing. Expectations of connectivity performance are ever increasing and, by 2051, more passengers will be flying each year than the number of people living on the ground right now…

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Sky High Economics Report Chapter 1

This study, conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science, is the first of its kind to comprehensively model the socio-economic impact of the connectivity revolution on the aviation industry…

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