Last week, Passenger Terminal Expo 2019 (PTE 2019) took place in London, UK and brought together more than 10,000 attendees from over 1,500 organizations and 130 countries to discuss the latest innovations and trends experts are seeing in airports around the world. Given how rapidly airports are adapting and updating their priorities in a more data-driven world, it’s not surprising how lively the discussion at the show was this year.

Some of the key themes that emerged from PTE 2019 included the rise of biometrics in airports, new technologies emerging to make the passenger journey as seamless as possible, and passenger and crew inclusivity consideration in airports. In case you weren’t able to make the show this year, here are a few of the top tweet takeaways from the show floor:

The increasing prevalence of biometrics in airports and how the technology contributes to passenger experience optimization was definitely a hot topic at PTE 2019. Collins Aerospace’s Chris Forrest gave a talk titled “Improving the End-to-End Airport Journey with Biometrics,” delving into the ways biometrics programs increase flexibility, capacity, and operational productivity for airports. Other key industry partnerships highlighting biometrics offerings were also featured on the show floor.

In addition to biometric-focused solutions, there were, of course, several other compelling technologies available for demonstration on the PTE 2019 show floor that all aimed to optimize experiences for both passengers and aviation industry employees.

Inclusivity also topped the list of lively conversations had at PTE 2019. The busy and bustling ecosystems that are airports are able to operate much more smoothly when every passenger’s and employee’s needs and expectations can not only be met, but exceeded.

As expected, several different airports from around the world jumped into the conversation at PTE 2019 to share how they are leveraging all this cutting-edge technology to continue improving their respective airports. Key topics like digital transformation, urban development, ongoing construction projects, and customer service were all touched on by different international airports.

We look forward to what the conversation at PTE 2020 in Paris holds. Until next year!

Chelsea Barone

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