Last month, Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018 brought together aviation leaders from around the world with a unique mission: To provide “a powerful international platform for the airport and airline sectors to interact and share common issues, goals and solutions about the airport industry, with a particular and unique focus on the terminal.”

Massive changes are being made in the airport space to help airlines create more ideal travel experiences, to relieve many of the stressors associated with travel for passengers, and to effectively harness and manage invaluable data gathered every day in the airport. PTE 2018 attendees shed light on the latest and greatest innovations and trends in the airport world.

Here are a few of the top show takeaways highlighting these shifts:

Passenger growth is naturally a top concern among aviation experts and leaders and airport decision makers are paying attention. As noted in the tweet above, Q3 2017 saw a nearly seven percent increase in passenger volume. How airports are preparing for that reality was a hot topic at PTE 2018.

Data’s growing role as a tool in the aviation industry continues to be a topic for discussion at major tradeshows like PTE 2018. Ensuring thoughtful and effective data management is one of the most sure-fire ways to address challenges like rapid passenger growth in specific regions like Asia.

One of the most highly anticipated technologies being more widely adopted in airports this year is biometrics. Future Travel Experience highlighted some of the industry leaders at PTE 2018 that are powering a smoother end-to-end journey through the use of biometrics, including Rockwell Collins (for biometric bag drops), Furhat Robotics (for virtual assistants for passengers), and Materna (for it’s VR showcasing how biometric solutions will operate in airports).

Announced at PTE 2018, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) has renewed its passenger processing solutions with Rockwell Collins, adopting new technologies that will advance its technological position well into the future.

Read the full story on Future Travel Experience here.

The Connected Aviation Today team looks forward to next year’s PTE and seeing how far the airport industry has come with regards to optimizing the passenger experience.

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