PODCAST: Why Cabin Connectivity is a Key Part of Aviation’s Recovery

Cabin Connectivity

With its ability to enable a more contactless passenger journey, cabin connectivity is playing an increasingly larger role in the aviation industry’s recovery from the global pandemic. The power of in-flight cabin connectivity is something that Connected Aviation Today has covered at length, but over the past year, it has become more crucial when discussing the process of rebuilding passenger confidence in travel through a more touchless journey from end to end.

To learn more about cabin connectivity trends and how airlines are adapting to shifting passenger and crew expectations, we caught up with Nicole Grainger, the lead for Cabin Marketing and Strategy at Collins Aerospace. Grainger spoke with us about the “new normal” in the air and how comprehensive connectivity throughout the cabin enables a contactless passenger journey on the aircraft.

Grainger pointed to the advent of onboard portals that can be controlled entirely through a passenger’s personal device to create fewer common touchpoints between the crew and passengers. “This gives passengers back that sense of control and autonomy over their experience without the airline having to limit onboard service or restricting much needed ancillary revenue-generating services for the airline,” she noted.

Grainger went on to explain the value of the “reams of data being generated” during flight and how it can be utilized in efforts like reducing food and beverage waste onboard or boosting fuel savings by avoiding inclement weather. This data is put to work not just for that aircraft, but for an airline’s entire fleet and offers a more holistic view of all of the elements of the passenger journey. 

“I see us coming out of this current situation as a more united industry,” stated Grainger. She is optimistic that there are valuable lessons learned over the past year that are truly being applied, not the least of which being that aviation innovators are stronger when they’re working together.

You can listen to our full conversation with Nicole Grainger about cabin connectivity trends here: