PODCAST: Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), Discusses Evolution of Aviation Innovation


As we enter into a new decade, the Connected Aviation Today editorial team is interviewing a number of industry experts to gain their perspectives on key milestones for 2019 and looking ahead into 2020 with their predictions for the connected ecosystem. In this podcast, Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), shares his perspective on the innovations that will shape the industry in 2020, and much more.

“At CVG, we are seeing IoT, artificial intelligence, wireless connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and biometrics all coming into play in 2019,” said Cobb.  “Though overall, I would say that artificial intelligence is the most intriguing. How fast it’s gaining favor and the outcomes of our pilot testing will set the tone for the viability of it, and how we move forward with it in a way that will benefit the airport and the entire ecosystem.”

Cobb also discussed the lack of data sharing and cybersecurity challenges that face the aviation industry – pointing to the need to break down proprietary data sharing barriers, and how the aviation sector is a cyber target.

“It’s no longer good enough to be cyber responsible, and we need to look at partnerships to collectively put our best foot forward,” added Cobb. “The world consumer relies heavily on aviation, and we cannot be the cog in the wheel that shuts down because of a vulnerability. We know that aviation is an attractive target for that nefarious element.”

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Moving forward, Cobb discussed how biometrics and cloud computing are transforming the aviation industry, and both will come heavily into play in 2020.

“The foot is being put on the proverbial gas when it comes to biometrics and facial recognition,” added Cobb. “In addition, we can’t pass up on cloud computing. It offers so many opportunities to data mine in ways that we never really fathomed. Cloud computing can also help advanced forms of technology to benefit, not only for our industry, but also the greater good.”

Listen to the full podcast below: