Partnering on the Biometric Journey: Asking Vendors the Right Questions


In an ongoing series on Connected Aviation Today, we are highlighting the biometric journey and how aviation stakeholders get started. A key part to the biometric journey for airports is to ensure that vendor partners meet certain requirements to help achieve the most optimal outcomes. From integrating into third-party systems to data privacy to being embedded at all passenger touch points, there are a wide-range of considerations when seeking out the right industry partner to bring biometrics to life for airlines and airports.

Chris Forrest, vice president of airports systems at Collins Aerospace, recently shared with us the questions that aviation stakeholders should be asking of their vendor partners, which include supporting mobile enrollment, how many airlines are integrated, and can their solutions be fully biometric-agnostic – meaning can these solutions expand beyond facial recognition.

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“It is not difficult to do a proof of concept with one airline at one processing point in an airport,” said Forrest. “And while that still has prototype value, it’s much more challenging to roll out the solution to all of the passenger processing touch points with all the airlines in an airport integrated, but that is where the true benefit of the Single Token concept comes from. In addition, right now facial recognition is the preferred solution because it is the biometric on passport chips. However, there are others, such as iris scans, fingerprints and other biometrics that are becoming more prominent.”

Want to know all of the key questions to ask vendor partners when starting your airport biometric journey? Listen to Chris Forrest’s recommendations in this short video.

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