Oceanic Plotting Procedures Go Digital and Move Away from Paper Charting

Oceanic Plotting Procedures

Last week at the 2019 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), aviation leaders gathered in Las Vegas, NV, to share the latest innovations that will impact the future of air transport. From sustainability to safety to modernization and simplification of flight, the show floor was buzzing with news.

One of the newest developments announced on the show floor was the launch of innovative digital oceanic plotting procedures for business aviation. The new digital solution includes an ARINCDirect™ iPad app plotting chart for pilots. While digital plotting charts are used in commercial aviation, this is one of the first solutions introduced to the business aviation industry. Typically flight crews rely on paper plotting charts, dividers, plotters, logbooks, and handwritten annotations to navigate the oceanic airspace.

The new digital oceanic plotting procedures will bring oceanic crossings into the modern age for business aviation. The chart includes live equal time points (ETPs), which update bearing, distance, and arrival time constantly throughout the flight.

These pre-calculated emergency routes to airports provide pilots with the tools needed to land their plane safely should any type of emergency scenario occur during the oceanic segment of a flight, including engine failure, depressurization, or a medical emergency.

These digital capabilities are critical as business aviation embraces new modernization initiatives to increase flight safety and simplify operations.

“In a world where apps are a part of daily life, it only makes sense to make this happen for flight operations,” LeAnn Ridgeway, general manager for information management services at Collins Aerospace told AINOnline

The Plotting Chart is a new addition to the ARICDirect flight support services which includes flight planning, weather information, and international trip support. Each of these services enables customers to go safely where they need to go, when they need to go.