In the News: Progress towards Air Traffic Management Modernization Around the World

Air Traffic Management

Connected Aviation Today has reported recently on the progress being made in the air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC) spaces in light of rapid aviation market growth. With World ATM Congress just wrapping up, and the Single European Sky for Data Link Services (DLS) mandate taking effect, there is plenty to pay attention to with regards to ATM modernization.

Here are some recent stories illustrating the ongoing progress in ATM and how aviation leaders around the world are adapting to keep pace with market demand:

Major Step towards Unifying Australia’s Civil and Military Air Traffic Systems

Similar to the aforementioned Single European Sky for DLS mandate, Airservices Australia, Australia’s Government-owned air navigation service provider, signed a contract with the Australian Department of Defence called OneSKY in an effort to unify the nation’s civil and military air traffic management systems.

According to a recent article from International Airport Review, “Developed in partnership by Airservices and Defence with Thales Australia, the new system will see air traffic controllers use advanced technology and real-time traffic prediction tools.” These advances will reduce risk and uncertainty in system requirements through the advent of standardization.

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Singapore Designates Area for Drone Tests, Explores New Tech for ATM

In the spirit of truly modernizing ATM and making leading technologies available for the industry, the Singapore government has designated a specific area to test drone usage for ATM purposes.  A recent article on ZDnet by Eileen Yu reported, “The One-North district, which served as an R&D hub, was unveiled as the country’s first drone estate to provide an area where organisations and research institutions could test unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technologies.”

The Singapore government plans to address any safety and security concerns before really putting UAS ATM tools to use, but there is a lot of promise in seeing technology innovators putting UAS and AI technologies at the forefront of ATM modernization.

Read the whole story here.

Modern Air Traffic Management Demands a Modern Communications Network

In a recent article on Aviation Pros, Richard Van Wijk explored the various factors of aircraft communications that must be addressed in order to truly modernize ATM. He discussed the growing challenges that Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) face with regards to network and application interoperability and increasing cyber threats, and noted multi-service IP networks as the answer.

He stated, “Although the traditional model is to build a dedicated communications network for each critical application, this approach is inefficient and tends to discourage collaboration. Many ANSPs are instead looking to deploy a converged communications network to support all applications.”

Read the whole story here.

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