The airline passenger experience has evolved so dramatically recently that it’s almost unrecognizable from just 10 years ago. With industry leaders constantly looking to improve the cabin experience for passengers, it’s no surprise that what they have come to expect in flight is becoming closer and closer to the technology that customers regularly utilize on the ground.

In this news roundup for In the Cabin, Connected Aviation Today looks at leading headlines highlighting the changing passenger experience and how industry leaders are making our trips through the air feel more like home. Here are some of the top news stories in the industry:

China to Spend Billions on In-Flight Connectivity Initiatives

The government of Guangzhou City and Bluefocus IFEC Technology are joining forces to establish the “Belt and Road” in-flight internet fund with starting capital at around $1.5 billion. Their main goal in this venture is to really promote Chinese products and content and position China as a more competitive player in the internet and connectivity space.

“With this agenda, the Chinese government intends to become another major competitor in the in-flight connectivity (IFC) industry, alongside the U.S. According to Bluefocus, its goal is to benefit 500 million passengers with nonstop online surfing experience on their in-flight journeys, within the next five years,” according to a recent article by Kendall Russell on Aviation Today.

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Airlines continue to improve the mobile passenger experience

Airlines recognize that smartphones are a critical tool for passengers today and not optimizing an experience for mobile use would be remiss to say the least. So, to properly adapt to customer needs and preferences, airlines have been shifting their approach to booking transactions to be more mobile optimized.

A recent article on Runway Girl Network reported that American Airlines launched its native, in-app booking option (as opposed to previously redirecting customers to a browser). Bruce Bere of Runway Girl Network reported, “This native in-app experience makes all the difference to a person on the go. A frequent flyer wants to be able to seamlessly move through an app, not run into a clunky user experience.”

American Airlines is just one of many moving rapidly towards mobile optimization and this trend certainly won’t be slowing down soon.

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Rockwell Collins helps major Asia Pacific airline get connected on 100 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

A large Asia-Pacific based airline has selected Rockwell Collins to provide its connectivity services for its fleet of 100 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This advanced connectivity will allow for both more reliable internet access for passengers in flight as well as enhanced efficiency and increased information access for the flight crew.

According to a recent press release from Rockwell Collins, “With the installation of the new service, passengers will enjoy an improved travel experience, with the ability to surf the internet, use social networks and various instant messenger applications, as well as check emails via smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Passengers will also be able to stream onboard entertainment content using their personal devices.”

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