Kuwait Airways Demonstrates the Value of AoIP Adoption in Congested Aviation Markets


The massive amounts of new data being produced by intelligent aircraft present a pressing challenge for the Aircraft Communication and Reporting System (ACARS) network and its bandwidth. This obstacle gave rise to the concept of ACARS over Internet Protocol (AoIP), which is being adopted in congested airspaces around the world.

This adoption can be seen in by the recent agreement between Collins Aerospace and Kuwait Airways. Using Collins’ Ground Flight Operations and Maintenance Exchanger (Ground FOMAX), a solution that supports AoIP, two of Kuwait Airways’ Airbus aircraft are now able to uplink and downlink non-critical and non-Air Traffic Control messages via IP link. In turn, the reliance on traditional VHF/VDL or Satcom media is reduced, as well as the airline’s communication traffic, resulting in improved message management for the airline.  

“As aircraft become more data-intensive, this additional information ‘pipeline’ is critical to the efficiency of airlines, airports, and air traffic control,” said Clotilde Enel-Rehel, general manager for Commercial Aviation & Network Services for Collins Aerospace in a recent press release. “Kuwait Airways will serve as a great example of how nearly 80 percent of ACARS traffic can be routed through an IP system, as well as utilizing both ground cellular connectivity and inflight cabin connectivity to offload ACARS over IP.”

The easing of this VHF congestion is becoming increasingly important in busy travel regions, especially as flight patterns and traffic return to pre-COVID conditions. It’s also important to note the valuable ACARS cost management that occurs with this more streamlined communications protocol, given that airlines are being asked to do more for their passengers and crew with reduced budgets.

To learn more about best practices of implementing AoIP, we’ve invited experts from Collins Aerospace and Valour Consultancy to join us in a webinar on March 10, 2022, at 9:00 am ET/2:00 pm GMT. You can register to attend here.


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