Our world is constantly evolving with the adoption of technology. Smart phones that feature increased computing power as well as quick and easy wireless internet access have driven consumer demand for anytime, anywhere connectivity – and not just in the office or at home, but while travelling. Whether it’s by car, train,or plane, consumers don’t want to give up their connectivity.

Airlines are responding to this demand by delivering in-flight connectivity and in the process, the industry is experiencing one of the greatest transformations of our time. Here are just a few of the benefits of the new connected vision that the airline industry is embracing:

The End of Bottlenecks 

The seamless passenger journey begins before the passenger arrives at the airport. Booking details and associated information travel over a protected private network, hardened to meet demanding security requirements.

At the airport, the traditional bottlenecks associated with transitioning – from curbside through check-in, and then through security to the airline departure gates – will quickly disappear. Self-service check-in and bag drop can be integrated with passengers’ unique biometric data to enable ease of passage through the airport from security to aircraft boarding.

Once onboard the broadband-equipped aircraft, passengers are able to stay connected through their personal devices for entertainment or work. Cabin crew can use the same connection to provide differentiated experiences to the passengers travelling in all classes.

Smart Cabins

“Smart Cabins” offer the opportunity to further enhance the passenger experience.  Passengers could pre-order drinks and snacks ahead of time from their smartphone. Advanced sensors could allow lighting that adjusts automatically with each stage of the flight or determine a change based on time of

day or external weather conditions. These are just a few examples, but the potential for a fully connected aircraft offer so many more.

Lower Ticket Prices

General operations, pre-flight checks and more can be easily synced with ground operations to bring a new level of productivity that results in better economics, or lower ticket prices. Pilots will benefit from new applications such as real-time weather information that will increase on-time departures, and make flights safer, and more comfortable.

It’s Time for a Connected Vision 

The opportunities that arise from the connected airline vision are endless.  There are opportunities to dramatically improve the passenger experience as we know it, starting from before they even enter into the airport, to check-in, security and gate departure.

Inside the aircraft, the connected vision enhances the pilot’s capabilities, ensuring a smoother, safer flight with increased efficiencies to reduce delays. All while ensuring that the passenger in-flight experience is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.  And just think, this is only the start to reimagining the entire experience. The possibilities are exciting and ready for take-off.