Getting Started on the Biometric Journey: A Checklist for Aviation Stakeholders

Biometric Journey

There is no doubt that aviation stakeholders are looking at the biometric journey to improve airport operations and the overall travel experience. Many airports currently have trials underway while others are still considering where to get started. Yet, there are still many questions that aviation leaders need to think about before they consider embarking on implementing biometrics.

Chris Forrest, vice president of airports systems at Collins Aerospace, recently shared with us the questions that aviation stakeholders should be asking before they get started. Forrest warns that the most important thing to understand is what the goals are of using this technology. “There needs to be a business or a use case of ‘why are we doing this,’ and not simply because the technology exists out there.”

Download a Checklist for Aviation Stakeholders

Aviation stakeholders must ask themselves, “Will the use of this technology improve the passenger experience, increase throughput in the airport, improve security, or help the airport do more with fewer resources?”

Forrest recommends that airport executives consider how to work with the right vendors to help identify ways to maximize space in the airport, leveraging biometrics, without having a build new terminals or embark on new construction.

Want to know what other questions stakeholders should be asking before embarking on the biometric journey? Listen to Chris Forrest’s recommendations in this short video.