FlightHub: Increasing Sustainability and Improving the Pilot Experience


Earlier this week, at the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users Forum being hosted by Collins Aerospace in Annapolis, MD, the company introduced FlightHub, its new Electronic Flight Folder accessible on a pilot’s EFB. A digital aviation solution that makes flights more efficient and sustainable, FlightHub centralizes data sources and workflows for pilots and airlines, coordinating the lifecycle of an entire flight from start to finish. 

Collating information into a single stream, FlightHub gives customers fast and easy access to all their flight information, from pre-flight documents, like flight plans and weather information, to post-flight summaries with actual timing and fuel burn reports.  

“We’ve created FlightHub to reduce workload and streamline the experience for pilots, by cutting out unnecessary time sorting through multiple data sources,” said Jen Schopfer, President of Connected Aviation Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “The application is also a quick and easy installation for airlines, which is key when implementing new technologies.”

In addition to aggregating all necessary documents and flight data into a single pane of glass, FlightHub customers will also receive the ability to streamline flights and increase their fuel efficiency. That’s because FlightHub users also get access to Collins’ new Flight Profile Optimization (FPO) solution, which delivers real-time route recommendations to improve efficiency throughout a flight to help reduce CO2 emissions by saving fuel and time.

Set for release later this year, FPO provides flight path information taken from multiple aircraft and ground sources for more up-to-date information than what is generally obtained from the operational flight plan (OFP) and the flight management system (FMS), which can be several hours old. In aggregate, airlines using FPO could see up to 1% annual savings on fuel per year.

“Flight Profile Optimization is the first of many features we will be introducing into FlightHub as we build and implement the right solutions to help our customers operate more efficiently and more sustainably.” 

FlightHub supports the integration of airline and third-party applications and can operate as a stand-alone system or connect to the aircraft’s IP network to receive real-time updates. It’s one of many Collins applications designed with its unique data and analytics capabilities to provide value and efficiency to its customers across the aviation industry.

To learn more about Collins Aerospace’s FlightHub solutions, click here.


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