With a long tenure in the aviation industry, Shingo Nishida started his career with Japan Airlines (JAL) with a focus on passenger operations for international flights. His operational and overseas experience led him to become the president of ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc, JAL’s newest airline. Quickly, Nishida saw an opportunity and set his sights on transforming this mid and long-distance, low-cost carrier (LCC) into the first of its kind, which he plans on growing beyond Asia.


Nishida shared that Japan’s aviation market is already saturated with short-range LCCs. “There are no medium-to long-distance LCCs crossing the Pacific Ocean yet, and we want to be a pioneer in that and offer our customers a choice,” he explained. “Traversing the Pacific Ocean to get from Asia to America is our goal and we are honored to work towards this goal in such a short time.”

ZIPAIR is not a conventional LLC nor is it a full-service carrier. “We are creating the standard of what we call a ‘new basic airline’,” Nishida said. “The concept is not only about cost control, but also about creating a new airline with aesthetic awareness that takes into account the details unique to Japanese airlines.” By taking into consideration the unique cultural passengers’ needs, ZIPAIR will offer services that will allow their passengers to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

These in-flight services will be available for passengers to access from their own mobile devices. While going mobile was a challenge, ZIPAIR has been at the forefront of the innovation and Nishida expects that many of the airlines will likely follow suit. “We want to make this ‘new basic’ with more functions and experiences for our customers,” he said, noting that ZIPAIR turned to Collins Aerospace as a trusted partner to enable this innovation.

As Nishida looks to the future, he expects ZIPAIR to continue to offer unique, innovative solutions for their customers. “We will always look ahead and take bold challenges,” he concluded.

Watch this video clip, to see more of Nishida’s vision:

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