As Connected Aviation Today has reported on in previous articles, cybersecurity remains a top priority for aviation industry decision makers. As every part of the aviation ecosystem becomes more connected, the risks for cyber attacks only grow, making comprehensive cybersecurity a critical component of any organization’s strategic plan. That said, it’s one thing to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program and it’s an entirely different thing to cultivate a culture of cybersecurity, an approach that more thoroughly accounts for insider threats in addition to outsider threats.

We recently spoke with Dominic Nessi, VP for Strategic Engagement at Aviation-ISAC, about mitigating insider threats when it comes to airport cybersecurity, challenges that come with developing a culture of cybersecurity, and information that airport decision makers need to keep top-of-mind when they are developing their strategy. Nessi delves into these concepts deeper in a new article series titled “Managing Insider Risks in a Connected World.”

“By its very nature, security is inconvenient. The stricter the security requirement imposed, the more inconvenient they become,” stated Nessi in the series. “While many employees understand that there are external threats that must be thwarted, they are less focused on insider threats and find internal security measures a nuisance and something to be ignored.” This mentality poses a massive hurdle for airport leaders to overcome and speaks to the importance of building and enforcing a culture of cybersecurity.

You can read the entire article series from Nessi on managing airport cybersecurity approaches and managing insider threats in Connected Aviation Today’s Resource Center here.