October is here and that means it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). To observe this important month, the Connected Aviation Today team compiled some of our favorite articles we’ve published on cybersecurity in the aviation ecosystem. With the growing importance of data and connectivity in the industry, a comprehensive and thoughtful cybersecurity approach is a must for every part of the aviation space.

Here’s a collection of articles that dive into cybersecurity’s growing role in aviation:

Applying Aviation Safety Practices to Cybersecurity

With safety always being the top priority in the aviation industry, applying that prudent approach to cybersecurity strategy makes sense. In a recent Connected Aviation Today article, we shared insights from several different aviation industry leaders including Joel Otto, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Rockwell Collins.

According to the article, Otto noted that “We need to think about cybersecurity as a parallel process to safety.” He stressed that cybersecurity solutions cannot be a one-and-done checkbox, but must be a lifecycle process that is built into the product or system. Applying that structure and procedure to cybersecurity practices in aviation aligns with already existing safety best practices.

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From Top to Bottom: A New Approach for Cybersecurity in Airports

In the first of a two-part series, Dominic Nessi, AeroTech Partners Founder and Senior Technology Advisor for Burns Engineering shared a refreshed approach to cybersecurity in the aviation ecosystem by encouraging executives to instill a culture and structure that promotes smart cybersecurity practices while saving time and resources for an airport. Nessi referred to this as the top-down approach.

The article stated, “Aptly named, the ‘top-down’ approach starts at the top. Not with the head of the IT Department, but at the airport director or chief executive level.  Responsibility for cybersecurity in airports is shared by every department and all departments have a stake in ensuring that cybersecurity priorities are achieved.” He then explained the steps that airport executives should take to put this approach into motion.

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From the Ground Up: Ingraining Best Practices Airport Cybersecurity

Concluding the series from Dominic Nessi about refreshing airport cybersecurity practices and procedures is a look at the bottom-up approach, which empowers airport employees at all levels to apply smart cybersecurity best practices.

In the article, Nessi explained, “The ‘bottom-up’ approach focuses on the lower echelons of the organization and the day-to-day functions and best technology practices that every organization should carry-out.  However, even though they are ‘bottom-up’, these activities still need to have visibility with airport management.”

By combining the top-down and bottom-up approaches, Nessi thinks that both time and money can be used more wisely when it comes to strategies for cybersecurity in the aviation ecosystem.

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What Airports Need to Know: Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity

Connected Aviation Today spoke with Jim Knaeble, Global Products Management at Rockwell Collins about how airports can optimize their cybersecurity preparedness approach. The level of data sensitivity is so high in airports that a holistic approach to cybersecurity is not optional, but imperative.

In the conversation, Knaeble stated, “There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for airport cybersecurity. Each airport environment is unique. Conducting a proactive risk assessment can identify vulnerabilities so a holistic cybersecurity program can be established.”

As the aviation industry becomes more connected and data-reliant, tailored plans for every airport when it comes to cybersecurity are crucial.

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Insights on the Growth of Cybersecurity in Airports from ACI World

Antoine Rostworowski, Deputy Director General, Programmes and Services at ACI World shared insights about the growth and evolution of cybersecurity in the aviation ecosystem and among airlines in a Q&A with Connected Aviation Today.

Speaking to the importance of cybersecurity on a global scale, Rostworowski said, “With the increasing importance and proliferation of digital, we believe cybersecurity is a key component for airports of the future.” He also discussed the measures that ACI World is currently taking to elevate the visibility and awareness of cybersecurity in airports.

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