If it impacts how aircraft operate in the US airspace and beyond, you need to know. In the Control Tower focuses on news about air traffic management initiatives around the globe.

Connecting System Wide Information Management (SWIM) to the Cloud

Editor’s note: This piece was originally penned by Dave Hughes, a retired FAA employee. In this article, Hughes expands on the importance of the cloud with regards to the growing impact of the FAA’s System Wide Information Management (SWIM) system. By bringing access...

A Look Back at Cybersecurity in Aviation and the Path Ahead

One of the biggest discussions in the aviation industry this past year has centered around cybersecurity. With the aviation ecosystem becoming more connected, the sheer amount of data that passes from system to system opens the door to more vulnerabilities.  As the...

Lifting the Curtain on Small UAS Traffic Management

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally penned by John Croft, FAA NextGen Outreach Writer and Editor. In this article, Croft outlines the impact of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) within the National Airspace System (NAS) and highlights an upcoming FAA and NASA...

Offshore Precipitation Capability: The FAA’s Non-Radar Weather Radar

Editor’s note: This article was originally penned by John Croft, FAA NextGen Outreach Writer and Editor. Croft explains the utilization of the FAA’s new weather detection tool, Offshore Precipitation Capability (OPC) and how it’s currently being used to draw a bigger,...

Did You Miss the SES for DLS Compliance Deadline? What Now?

Earlier this year, EUROCONTROL’s Single European Sky for Data Link Services (SES for DLS) mandate took effect and standardized data link communication for aircraft operating in the European Air Traffic Management Network (EATMN). SES for DLS comes in response to the...

ACARS: Understanding Fact vs. Fiction

This article is the second in a series on the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) which has become a foundational part of aviation communications over the last 40 years. Part One of this series provided an overview of ACARS and its...


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