Lauren Johnson

4 Ways Data and Analytics Can Make Airports More Sustainable

As a recent International Airport Review article explained, the increased awareness of aviation’s contribution to the climate crisis worldwide has put pressure on airport operators to shrink their carbon footprints and become more sustainable. Thankfully, a new $1B grant...

ACARS Over IP and its Impact on Airline Operations

As a new generation of smart aircraft emerges, airlines are embracing digitalization and connected cockpit applications to optimize fuel usage and operational performance. While this can provide significant benefits to an airline, the need to transmit the additional sensor,...

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Lauren A. Johnson is a contributor to Connected Aviation Today. She is also an author for The Modern Battlespace, The Last Mile, and Data Centers Today. With over ten years of communications experience in the government and private sector, Lauren is a passionate content developer, editor, and social media marketing strategist.
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How EFBs Will Define the Future of Modern Aviation

The Connected Aviation Today editorial team had the opportunity to attend the recent AEEC-IATA EFB Users Forum. This annual...
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