In these unprecedented times, access to virtual educational resources can be a big help for workers who have had their professional – and personal – lives impacted by social distancing and staying at home. Online education can keep workforces in the loop and current with relevant professional development. This is especially true in the aviation world, where safety is always the top priority, and robust educational tools are an important facet of that. By accessing virtual educational resources, aviation professionals are able to stay up to date on important industry trends and best practices while maintaining social distancing.

In response to this growing need for accessible, comprehensive training options for members of the aviation community, ARINCDirect, part of Collins Aerospace, has developed a series of educational webinars designed to help business aviation professionals gain useful information to enhance their flight operations. Starting this week, these webinars will be available to attend, with topics including NextGen datalink, safety services, advanced flight planning, and crew scheduling.

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“By offering the business aviation community access to these resources during these times, we are helping ensure that our workforce remains sharp, prepared, and ready to jump right back into their crucial roles when the time comes,” stated Dori Henderson, Executive Director Business Aviation & Digital Solutions, ARINCDirect for Collins Aerospace.

The training sessions will be offered twice per day and will last approximately one hour. The morning sessions will begin at 9am ET and afternoon sessions will begin at 3pm ET. Participants will be able to email questions and have them answered by an ARINCDirect subject matter expert at the end of the session.

To learn more about this informative series, contact a member of the Collins Aerospace training team at

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