Airlines, Airports, and Aviation Leaders Encourage the Future Generation of Girls in Aviation

Girls in Aviation

Earlier this month, more than 15,000 girls between the ages of eight and 17 participated in the 4th International Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD). According to Women in Aviation International, “Some 103 chapters and corporate members planned 98 events in 14 countries including 36 states in the U.S.”

In celebration of this inspiring initiative to engage with young women and spark interest in the aviation industry at a young age, we have compiled a roundup of some of the ways various airlines and airports were involved with GIAD 2018. Here are some of our favorite stories from this year’s event:

JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 Partners with Vaughn College for Girls in Aviation Day

According to a recent article from Metropolitan Airport News, JFK’s Terminal 4, one of the most active terminals in the world, hosted its third GIAD event with Vaughn College. The event included a panel with guests from JFKIAT (the company which operates Terminal 4), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the FAA, and several airlines, including Swiss International Airlines, Etihad Airways, and JetBlue Airlines. After the panel, attendees were taken on a tour of an aircraft, the FAA tower, and aircraft rescue and firefighting operations.

“We are proud to host such an extraordinary event and empower young women from our community to pursue career possibilities in the aviation industry,” said Susana Cunha, Vice President of Operations for JFKIAT, according to the article. “In partnership with Vaughn College, this annual event showcases successful women in the field and gives students the opportunity to network and appreciate that they can pursue challenging and fulfilling careers.”

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Girls in Aviation Day at St. Louis Downtown Airport

In St. Louis, 100 girls from 15 different high schools attended their local GIAD 2018 event at St. Louis Downtown Airport. It was reported in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article that event attendees “could climb into the cockpit of planes and helicopters, take turns in flight simulators, and talk with professionals in aviation-related jobs.”

St. Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering Aviation and Technology and Women in Aviation International were both sponsors for the event.

Read the whole story and see photos from the event here.

United Airlines Hosts Annual Girls in Aviation Day at Newark and Around the Globe

United Airlines hosted young women from the Boys & Girls Club of Newark and Boys & Girls Clubs of Union County according to a press release published on Insider NJ. The girls were invited to attend a panel of United female employees that discussed their roles and responsibilities with the company, including many non-traditionally female roles. They were also brought into a United aircraft for a luncheon.

“The airline employs the most female pilots of any major airline, and Girls in Aviation Day is one way United works with the organization to ensure a growing number of female pilots,” stated the press release. “This year, Newark’s Girls in Aviation Day event was part of a record number of 12 locations around the world.”

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‘Girls in Aviation Day’ celebrated at Kempegowda International Airport

A recent article on The New Indian Express reported on the Women in Aviation International (WAI), India Chapter and Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) involvement in GIAD 2018, noting that 40 technical education students from colleges near the Bengaluru Airport were invited for a tour of the facility and were given access to female BIAL employees to better understand different job functions in the industry like an air traffic controller, airline dispatcher, pilot, and aeronautical engineer.

According to the article, Radha Bhatia, President, WAI International, India Chapter said, “We will continue our endeavour to introduce young girls to role models and educate them in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We are very fortunate to be able to partner with BIAL for this initiative. Their effort in leading youth into STEM careers is truly commendable.”

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