ACI-NA Executive Director Kevin Burke Highlights Infrastructure, Security, and Emerging Technologies

The Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA) Annual Conference kicked off this week in Tampa, Florida. With more than 2,100 delegates from more than 200 airports and airport authorities in attendance, the discussions focused on the needs to modernize aging airport infrastructure, bolster security efforts, and embrace emerging technologies.

These were just a few of the highlights addressed in the opening address from ACI-NA’s Executive Director, Kevin Burke. For more than 70 years, ACI-NA has helped its airport members advance their priorities in Washington D.C., and advocate on issues related to regulations, jobs, infrastructure and more. For readers who were not able to attend this event, we’ve captured his main points in this social media roundup:

In a previous interview with Burke, he mentioned that is was “critically important that ACI-NA continues our efforts to advance airport priorities in Washington D.C. and Ottawa,” to keep up with the growing demands on airports. “That means modernizing airport infrastructure,” he told Connected Aviation Today editors. Burke emphasized this message in his opening remarks.

“Airports must have the ability to modernize as they seek to accommodate rapid growth in passenger and cargo traffic,” Burke told us in a previous interview. He noted that in the U.S. alone, airports need nearly $100 billion in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance through 2021.

Security and operational efficiencies priorities require that airports consider new and emerging technologies. Biometrics is one of the technologies that the industry is turning towards. “We must work with our government agencies and airlines partners to integrate this existing technology into the airport experience, “ Burke said.

This is just the start of the conversation. ACI-NA’s conference is filled with speakers and exhibitors looking to bring airports into the future and keep up with the demands of all travelers. Follow #Airports19 on Twitter to stay a part of the conversation.