4 Money-Saving Updates to Your Airline Messaging Environment

Airline Messaging

The financial challenges facing the aviation industry requires decision makers to think more creatively and strategically about how to conserve budgets while also optimizing their operations. One area often overlooked in that endeavor is the modernization of airline messaging environments and the major savings that can be achieved.

“It’s a common misconception that the cost structure for airline messaging is very rigid with little room for savings,” explained Collins Aerospace Senior Product Manager Brittany Lemme. “Many people think it costs what it costs, no matter how they use it, but that’s simply untrue.” Lemme expanded on this misunderstanding, noting that analyses provided by industry leaders like Collins Aerospace can inform aviation decision makers about how alternative messaging networks like email can be applied to their environment, often resulting in substantial savings. “These companies have more flexibility in their messaging environment than they realize,” she remarked. “We can help them clarify and solidify what their technology roadmap looks like moving forward.”

Often assessing and updating the strategy of a messaging environment is viewed as a costly and time-intensive process, but according to Lemme, it doesn’t have to be. “So many of these updates can be made with little to no involvement on the customer’s end. With our analysis and resulting recommendations, it can be easy to update their messaging environment.”

As with many areas of business these days, Lemme sees these savings being reinvested into digital transformation efforts and the modernization of airlines’ infrastructures. Specifically, software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption is becoming more top-of-mind in aviation as these decision makers take a closer look at their IT strategy.

“These modern applications and solutions that are so widely available have become more prominent to aviation leaders as they embark on their digital transformation journey,” Lemme said. “And they are seeing how they are able to use their data like never before with the help of these systems.”

She concluded with these four takeaways for airlines looking to stretch their budgets by optimizing their messaging environment:

  1. Eliminate redundant solutions – Assess which systems accomplish the same tasks and downsize.
  2. Optimize data usage and network coverage – Work with partners like Collins Aerospace to identify the right messaging network and secure the best data rates available.
  3. Utilize low-cost messaging solutions – Evaluate where free or more affordable messaging platforms like email can be utilized in your messaging environment.
  4. Enable messaging automation – Embrace the digital transformation mentality and remove manual message creation where possible.

Lemme encourages aviation leaders faced with budgetary constraints to think critically about how an airline messaging update can contribute to their bottom line and optimize their operations as a whole.


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