The 2019 Paris Air Show at a Glance

Paris Air Show

Last week, one of the largest air shows in the world, the Paris Air Show, took place bringing together more than 300,000 attendees to discuss the latest in aviation innovation on a global scale. Topics like sustainable travel, passenger experience, data management, connectivity, and security all were part of this year’s show, with the added benefit of an international perspective from industry leaders around the world.

For those that weren’t able to attend the show, Connected Aviation Today has compiled a recap of key takeaways. Here’s what attendees had to share at this year’s Paris Air Show:

The movement towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel solutions is a growing topic of discussion among aviation leaders. Collins Aerospace’s Tim White shed light on how more electric solutions will affect the passenger journey at the Paris Air Show. Other leaders like Airbus also discussed their partnerships working towards a cleaner sky.

Passenger experience is always a key area of focus for industry events and the Paris Air Show is no different. Aviation experts and media discussed improvements to the passenger journey in the cabin from both a commercial and business aviation standpoint.

While impressive new cabin features with all the bells and whistles for the passenger are often popular with attendees, innovation in aviation really comes down to data and proper data management. At the Paris Air Show, experts like Airbus, Capgemini, and SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) spoke to how effectively leveraging flight data contributes directly to a seamless passenger journey and how concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) can help optimize operations.

Of course, increased data and connectivity demands a security approach that keeps pace. At the Paris Air Show, the struggles and innovations around security approaches in aviation offered a compelling conversation topic for attendees. Specifically, the role of and challenges with drones was a key point of discussion. Experts from Raytheon and Thales shed light on how this new technology needs to be properly protected and utilized.

Until next year’s show! We’re excited to see what another year of innovation and partnership brings the aviation community.