The commercial airline industry has seen significant changes in the past 12 months, as it moves closer towards a connected aviation vision. With the New Year underway, Connected Aviation Today is taking a look back on 2017 and highlighting industry news that made an impact  From recognizing the real value of data to managing passenger experience expectations, the industry has made major headway in the following areas:

Commercial Airline Economic Performance Skyrockets

The commercial airline industry has realized the value of adopting a connected aviation vision. Not only does it bring great cost and operational efficiencies, but it also offers a better passenger experience, which drives brand loyalty and, ultimately, adds value to the business and its investors.  Additionally, IATA reports strong economic performance, as more consumers look to spend on travel, resulting in an expected one percent of the world’s  GDP ($776B) spent on air transport in 2017.

Similarly, Inmarsat, in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science, released the Sky High Economic report predicting a $130B market by 2035 driven by connectivity, specifically as it relates to in-flight broadband access revenue, e-commerce, premium content, and advertising.

Read the full IATA report here.

Read the full Sky High Economics report here.

Recognizing the Business Value of Open Data

Six months ago, Airbus launched a new aviation data platform – Skywise –  that demonstrates the value of data for creating and improving operational efficiencies. Integrating big data on the open platform, Skywise can improve operational performance and business results, helping airlines realize the true benefits of digital transformation.

As part of this digital transformation, Airbus selected Rockwell Collins  for the flight operations and maintenance exchanger (FOMAX) program on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. The solution keeps operators connected to their aircraft by deploying the infrastructure for secure wireless connectivity.

Read more on Skywise here.

Passenger Experience Demands More Connectivity

Today’s passenger has evolved from passive to empowered. Their expectations for anywhere, anytime connectivity has  grown exponentially – including while in flight. They expect easy access to information at all points in their journey.  In IATA’s 2017 report, 82 percent of travelers wanted a digital passport on their smartphone that took them from booking to check-in, through security, all the way to the gate and boarding. Sixty-four percent of these travelers favored biometric identifiers as a preferred travel token.

Read IATA’s full Global Passenger Survey report here.

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